A brief excerpt from the pitch starter story

The road to creating Pitch Starter has been a winding and sometimes dusty one. We've travelled and worked in big cities and corporate offices, launched a few new busineses of our own, raised capital and learnt a hell of a lot.

It's this varied experience and understanding of the client's point of view that helps us do great work and form solid relationships with the people we work with.

Values & Beliefs

A few of the founding principles that drive what we do

We're people people

First and foremost our business is built on collaborating with great companies. Our experience on the client side helps us understand your challenges.

Keep It Super Simple

A simple, clear message will always make itself heard above the noise. Our goal is always to distill a story down to its purest elements and go from there.

IA to the UI to the UX

We're passionate about the clear presentation of ideas and creating great experiences. In the end, it all comes down to how well we can engage your audience.

Content drives design

Pretty pixels are easy to come by, but it takes time and skill to craft content. Our design process is focused on enhancing the message first, and looking sexy second.

Ideas and Innovation

We never stop looking for better ways to do things, new ideas to create better outcomes for our partners, and new projects where we can truly add worthwhile input.

We value value

Ultimately we judge our success by the value we create and the outcomes achieved for the people we work with. Simple as that.

Dave Prince

Business Dev & Strategy

The face of the team, Dave brings together an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit, corporate creds and an unquenchable thirst to find new ways to work better.

Dave's experience runs the full gamut of small and big business, having launched several of his own succesful ventures.

Mark Campbell

Project Management

Mark coordinates and dabbles in all the elements that make a great Pitch Starter project - strategy, planning, content, design and development. Passionate about branding and creating great user experiences.

He comes to Pitcher having worked in Retail Management, Marketing and Digital Strategy.

Rick Prince

Design & Dev

In addition to being chief problem solver, Rick's skillset encaptures the creative and technical side of the business.

Having worked as a designer and web developer since 1999 and running his own company, Rick fits the multi-skilled profile of the Pitch Starter team and brings a fresh perspective to all our projects.

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