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Starting a new business often involves more questions than answers, so having a partner to bounce ideas off and provide some sound advice can be extremely valuable in the early days of launching your idea.

Our specialty and our passion

We can help take your idea to a physical product

The Pitch Starter team has taken a few rides on the roller coaster of startup life. We've raised capital, launched ideas of our own and managed small businesses. It's this unique and varied experience that give us an understanding of new ventures.

Helping new companies get off the ground is a particular passion of ours, and we're super flexible in how we can help.

We can tailor a package of services to suit your needs - ranging from setting up your email through to helping you position your brand and test your business model.

Services for Startups


  • Email
  • Web
  • SaaS & Workflow
  • Pre-launch

Strategic Advice

  • Business Model
  • Brand
  • Competitor
  • Capital Raising


  • Business Plans
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Presentations

Genesis of a Startup

We've been there ourselves, so we get where you're at.

The lightbulb's gone off and you're ready to roll up your sleeves and begin your labor of love. In the early stages ideas are raw and need refining, so it's essential to seek advice, ask the hard questions and flesh out the details.

Whether you decide to ride the capital raising roller coaster or run on the smell of an oily rag, it's important to develop a strong business model that's had a healthy sanity check. Though the nature of starting your own gig ensures that things will inevitably change, you still need to map your course to realise your vision.

Raising capital is unpredictable, time consuming and risky. But entrepreneurs live on the edge of risk. With a limited pool of funds and a competitive market, only the best presented ideas will draw attention and make the cut. It’s your time to cement the idea and show the passion – at the end of the day most investors invest in people not ideas.

Turning an idea into reality is what sets entrepreneurs and starters apart. If you’re a first time soloist it can be pretty daunting and lonely. Stepping forward into the unknown sometimes requires a helping hand, and surrounding yourselves with others who are experiencing the same highs and lows can make all the difference.

It’s an awesome feeling making that thing come to life and just for a fleeting second you can rock back and chuck the arms up behind the head. But then reality hits… it’s only the start! It’s time to focus on process, execution and constantly refining your product. It's also time to remember why you started, and to build a culture of fun, success and passion.

“ The value of an idea lies in the using of it. ”

- Thomas Edison

Recent Collaborations

Some recent projects we've worked on with great new businesses

Integrated Sales Consultants

Training Specialist for Retail Sales Teams

We teamed up with founders John and Leanne to launch a retail training company with a difference. Instead of the typical 'one- size-fits-all' training typically offered, ISC wanted to take a more local, personalised approach.

Our role in the project was focused on drawing out the unique aspects of the company, and helping ISC tell a meaningful story that their audience would respond to.

Delivering value and building trust

As part of the project we also developing a unique booklet they could provide to retailers who may need their help. Instead of simply providing info about their services, the booklet featured helpful advice and current retail trends - providing an actual benefit and building trust with potential clients.

So pleased were we with the website Pitch Starter delivered we further went on to have the graphic design team create a brochure booklet for our business. It was a pleasure to work with a company that not only understands and accommodates client’s requests, but also adds value to them through innovative applications and ideas. John and Leanne Stilianos Integrated Sales Consultants

Teambuilding Guru

Building teams with a relaxed coastal vibe.

Good design and sharp strategy can be delivered in any project size. We recently collaborated on a project to launch Teambuilding Guru - a team building coordinator with a fresh attitude and a beautiful location in Kingslciff, NSW.

Tim (the founder) briefed the idea to us with a basic framework and we went away to conducted our own sector research . The challenge was to launch the business with a small budget in a crowded market.

We worked with Tim to create a brand message, carving out a position based on the idea that every company is different, and Teambuilding Guru would tailor their activities to the values and goals of their clients.

Lift off

To launch the business, we helped with everything from setting up a new email account, to developing a landing page, designing a corporate brochure to promote the programs, and editing together a video to portray the fun vibe and beautiful location that set them apart.

The business has successfully gone on to win major team building clients.

I have now used Dave and the team at Pitchstarter on a few projects, and am always surprised at the level of professionalism and innovation they bring to the table. They're the one stop shop for any business needing an edge. Tim Jack Adams Director Watersports Guru & Teambuilding Guru

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